Process Flow

The following steps are pursued with every project:

  • Comprehensive Client Interview
  • Site Review, including measurements and reference photographs
  • Base building outlines draft in CAD
  • Development of preliminary layout options
  • Plan options reviewed with client
  • Best features selected to produce a composite or approved plan

We communicate our concepts through our drawings to help our clients have a vision of what ‘can be’. These renderings are often used by our clients to obtain approvals from landlords, banks and municipalities.

Working Drawings and Documents :

  • Production of detailed CAD drawings and specifications for competitive job costing and construction.
  • Includes wall construction, floor surfaces, ceilings / lighting elements, signage details, elevations, furniture schedules etc.

Site Visits and Reporting :

  • Regular site visits to review progress of construction and finishing
  • Construction schedule co-ordination
  • Trouble shooting and “action” lists
  • Correspondence and reports regarding general and subcontractor performance
  • Recording, reporting and correction of deficiencies

Décor Purchasing :

We often commission crafts people or artisans to custom select or set the right décor for your theme.

Installation and Opening :

  • Final Installation and “dressing” of the décor package
  • Fine tuning of project with owner, contractor and consultants
  • Grand Opening!
  • Follow up assessment report to owner
  • Photo session for marketing and advertising